Fiber Optic Connections Series

The Fiber Optic Connections Series is designed as a tutorial about fiber optic connectors for those who may not be experts in the actual connection portion of a system or may not fully understand the role of the connection in overall system performance. These videos should provide a basic framework for fiber optic connectors as well as the motivation of why an interferometer, like FiBO, is a valuable tool for assessing fiber optic connections.

Chapter 2

Terminations & Tolerances

This video discusses basics of mating two optical fibers utilizing a connector.

Video Takeaways

  • Connectors consist of parts that support an alignment sleeve and ferrule(s) which hold and align the optical fiber
  • Performance of the connection depends on fiber tolerances and ferrule sleeve mechanics

Additional Chapters

Chapter 1

Introduction to Fiber Optics

Chapter 3

End Face Geometry

Chapter 4

Testing & Measurement

Chapter 5

Introducing the Interferometer

Chapter 6

Using the Interferometer