Large Diameter Fiber

Large diameter fibers (> 125 µm standard telecom fibers) are used in a variety of applications such as laser systems, medical devices and sensors. Endface geometry inspection can be a challenge for these larger fibers because standard telecom interferometer systems have been developed for telecom fibers. The FiBO 300 was designed to provide the capability to measure large diameter fibers by integrating multiple optical fields of view (FOV). This feature makes it possible to measure the entire endface geometry of fibers up to 1 mm in diameter at once. Fibers up to 1.5 mm can be measured with a partial field of view. Coupled with the Variable Angle Tilt Stage (VATS), large diameter cleaved bare fibers can be inspected as well.

Large diameter fibers are also used with standard connector and termini styles. Endface geometry standards like SAE AS-5675 for large diameter fibers define fitting parameters similarity to Telecorida GR-326 but for common aerospace fibers. FiBO Code software allows the user to define fitting zones using standard or custom parameters. Coupled with a large FOV, FiBO 300 enables endface geometry measurements for large diameter fibers.

  • 70 – 1500 µm diameter fibers
  • R & D
  • Standard connectors & termini
  • Mechanical cleaves
  • Laser cleaves
  • 8° cleaves
  • 0-50° cleaves
System Features
  • Adjustable Field of View (FOV)
    • 3.4x   1000 µm x 800 µm
    • 10x     360 µm x 270 µm
    • 20x    200 µm x 150 µm
  • Cleave angle measurement
  • X-Y cleave angle components
  • 3D endface surface geometry
  • .csv measurement history database
  • Feature masking
  • 2D X-Y surface profile
  • Software angle adjustment to match VATS angle
  • Adjustable endface geometry fitting zones
  • Radius of curvature, fiber height and apex offset measurement
  • Automatic pass/fail surface defect analysis
Fringe Pattern of 400/440 um Fiber
Endface Geometry Results of 400/440 um Fiber
Laser Cleaved 270 um Fiber
Laser Cleaved 270 um Fiber
FiBO 300 with Variable Angle Tilt Stage (VATS)
Configuration Input Allows Adjusting Fitting Regions