FiBO® 300 Interferometer

Optical Fiber Endface Geometry Measurement

FiBO® 300 is a versatile phase-shifting interferometer for the advanced analysis of fiber optic endface geometry of bare fibers and non-standard connectors. The variable optical zoom has three different magnifications for viewing most fiber diameters and a wide range of holders and accessories can be used to easily mount testing samples.

  • Cleaved fiber inspection, laser and mechanical
  • Ribbon fibers
  • Specialty fiber endface analysis
  • Specialty optoelectronic interconnects
  • Bare fiber measurement up to 1500 microns in diameter
  • Single and multi-mode optical connector testing
  • High power laser components
  • Angle polished fiber up to 50 degrees
  • Micro-optic components
  • Waveguides
System Features
  • High resolution 3D surface profiling
  • Autofocus optics
  • Selectable optical magnification 3.4x, 10x and 20x
  • Kinematic Adapters™ for fiber optic connector endface defect and geometry testing
  • Powerful, easy-to-use FiBO Code™ software for surface data analysis
  • Optional NIST/ISO-traceable 2D/3D calibration targets
  • Vibration insensitive, compact design
  • Optional VATS™ (Variable Angle Tilt Stage) for continuous angle measurement
  • Accepts Fiber Ribbon Stage for ribbon fiber analysis
Hardware Specifications
Measurement technique:Non-contact, phase-shifting Michelson interferometry
Configuration:Portable or bench top
Computer Interface:USB 3.0
LED Wavelength:458 nm
Size:Height 6.5 inches (165mm), Diameter 3.15 inches (80mm)
Weight:3 lb. (1.4 kg)
Power Supply:None (all power delivered over USB 3.0 cable)
Standard Optical Magnifications:3.4x10x20x
On Screen Magnification: (19" screen)160x480x960x
Lateral Resolution (µm/px):1.650.560.28
FOV 1/4" diagonal (µm):1300450225