Mil Spec Termini

MIL style termini connections are extensively used in a variety of harsh environment applications such as aerospace, defense, oil & gas and back bone telecom.


Single Fiber Patchcords

Single fiber optic patchcords come in a variety of options; simplex jumpers, duplex jumpers, fanouts, pigtails, crossovers, etc.


Laser Cleaved Fibers

Laser cleaving is still a relatively new technology where a laser is used instead of a mechanical blade to cleave fibers before polishing.


Promet Optics

Cleaved Bare Fiber

Inspection of cleaved bare fibers is done to measure the cleave angle of a bare fiber after it has been cleaved as well as the surface geometry after polishing.


Large Diameter Fiber

Large diameter fibers (> 125 um standard telecom fibers) are used in a variety of applications such as laser systems, medical devices and sensors.


52 deg polish fringe C

Flat Polish

Flat polishing is used in a variety of applications for both connectors/termini and bare fibers.


Promet Optics

Non-Contact Surface Profile

Non-contact, nanometer resolution, surface profile measurements is where interferometers are widely used specifically in the optics industry.