FiBO Interferometers

Vision & Mission

The mission of FiBO Interferometers is to provide a solution for fiber optic endface geometry measurements that incorporates accuracy, portability, versatility and traceable calibration. FiBO was developed around the concept of externally verifiable calibration, an industry first, utilizing a rotationally symmetrical kinematic interface to precisely define the optical axis and the interferometer coordinate axis. This allows calibration against standard reference targets and geometries.

Since it’s market introduction in 2005, the FiBO Interferometer has continuously developed to provide industry first solutions to challenging applications. Portability for MIL/Aero applications requiring terminations to be done inside an aircraft or marine vessel is one such example. Versatility based around the kinematic interface allows accessories for standard connectors/termini, angled bare fibers, ribbon fibers to be interchanged quickly and easily with no system calibration required. Traceable calibration provides NIST/ISO traceability for production requiring ISO certification.

Promet Optics

The FiBO Interferometer was originally developed as a module for an automated fiber polishing and inspection system. At the time, all endface geometry interferometers in the market were bulky benchtop systems. This application required a light weight, compact footprint with vibration insensitivity that could provide consistent and repeatable results.

Alignment and vibration isolation proved to be too costly to incorporate a nanometer resolution instrument into this type of automated system. However, the developed FiBO Interferometer system provided a portable solution that did not exist on the market.

Since then, leveraging Promet Optics’ expertise in optomechnical design, accessories have been developed to provide unique solutions for applications such as high angle cleaved fibers and laser cleaved ribbons.

Fun FiBO fact; one of the first public presentations of the FiBO system was at an Optical Society of America Minnesota Chapter meeting, entitled “Interferometer in a Beer Can”.

Markets & Customers

FiBO Interferometers serve in a wide range of industries utilizing fiber optic connections including defense, aerospace, telecommunications, data center and biomedical. FiBO has found a home in applications that value versatility, portability, traceability and accuracy. Building on Promet Optics’ expertise in precision engineering, FiBO has been providing solutions to unique and challenging problems in the fiber optic interconnect market for over 10 years.

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