Optical Assemblies

Our team works closely with your design team to develop a custom, long-term production solution that fits your specific program. Our manufacturing niche is in low- and mid-volumes (10 to 1,000 units) for assemblies with demanding or non-standard optical performance requirements. Along with Promet’s rigorous QC protocols, our in-house testing labs and engineering support ensure a well-controlled process and predictable results. Our team of skilled optical technicians have decades of experience working with precision optics and optical systems, are passionate about the field and committed to precision and quality at every step.

Examples of Optical Assemblies:
  • Complex optomechanical systems
  • Precision multi-element lens objectives
  • Precision micro-objectives
  • OPD matched beamsplitters
  • Performance certification
Technical Capabilities:
  • Standard and ultra-precision centering and lens mounting
  • In-process active alignment techniques
  • Proprietary “soft mounting” techniques
  • Adhesive-free optical bonding
  • Advanced multi-element lens centering